Steem, is the decentralized open source Blockchain that allows the construction of communities and Social Interaction, (through the development of Dapps) by encouraging these activities with payments through native cryptocurrencies.


These payments are obtained from the users themselves who can grant “Upvotes”. It currently has more than 1 million users and more than 324 Steem-based Dapps.


Steemit is the main social media Dapp built on the Steem Blockchain, with which it can be monetized, by receiving rewards in native token based on the quality of creative content posts.


New users are the way to keep Steem constantly renewed. Demography is essential for the sustainability of the platform.


Generally users make the first post called "Introduce your name" through which they are released within the platform. This contains relevant personal information that you want to share as interests, abilities and aspirations within the ecosystem.


The exchange of ideas is a main way to strengthen ties with other users


Since there is no prior censorship of the publications, users can address various topics such as:

• Photography

• Video

• Games

• Art, Poetry and Writing

• Food

• All about the Cryptographic World, Blockchain, Technology and Artificial Intelligence.


Depending on the quality of the content then the valuation by the public will vary.